Minggu, 24 November 2019

Iron Sun-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Nibras Game Studio
Publisher: Nibras Game Studio
Release Name: Iron.Sun-PLAZA


Release Description:
Your ATV is stuck in ravine, and contact with base is lost! Grab your weapons and get ready for the worst!
Try to return to the spaceship through the wild and danger-filled wastelands of the Iron Sun planet. Use expeditionary weapons and equipment found in scientific laboratories to survive.
Be on the alert! In the grim gorges, where the infra-crimson light of the Iron Sun does not reach, many dark and ancient secrets are hidden.
Additional info:
Game is not very long. “Story” mode contains 5 levels (first chapter of the story). Also, game has a “Battle” mode – fights with monsters on the arena. If you like the game and I see that it brings me profit, I’ll continue development and finish the story.

  • A real shooter – nothing superfluous!
  • Oldschool gameplay – challenging levels, evil monsters, intense action.
  • Unique dark and gloomy setting. Expect unexpected.
  • Easy to try, hard to master – no difficulties, but try to win!

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