Minggu, 24 November 2019

Heavy Rain-CPY

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: In-house
Release Name: Heavy.Rain-CPY


Description: In a gloomy, rain-soaked American city where smoke-spewing factories loom over rows of dreary suburban homes, a serial murderer is on the loose. The killer’s calling card is an origami animal, and four very different people find themselves swept up in his wave of terror: journalist Madison Paige, FBI agent Norman Jayden, private detective Scott Shelby, and architect Ethan Mars, whose son has been kidnapped by this so-called Origami Killer.

This sounds pretty intriguing and evocative, right? Like some lost David Fincher film. And while Heavy Rain does have a great premise, and is dripping with a dark, occasionally beguiling atmosphere, the script is more akin to a Tommy Wiseau first draft. The game is set in America, but very few of the cast is American, making the already peculiar dialogue sound even more uncanny. This has a certain offbeat charm, but all too often makes lines that are supposed to be deadly serious come across as funny, which sits uncomfortably with the bleak story of a child-murdering serial killer.

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