Minggu, 24 November 2019


Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: indie_games_studio
Publisher: indie_games_studio
Release Name: EBONY-CODEX


Release Description:
The plot tells the story of Adam – a completely ordinary person who came to an old house inherited from his grandmother.
Adam was raised by his grandmother when he turned 18, he left home and went to study in another country, 10 years later, Adam receives a letter saying that his grandmother died.
Without hesitation, Adam buys the nearest ticket to Transylvania, and leaves for his grandmother’s old house. Not expecting him to wait in the darkness of this mysterious old house.
Can you live the night in this old mansion?

This is a psychological first-person horror game with paranormal effects. With an advanced AI that opens the door, and responds to noise from the player.
  • Modern graphics – realistic layout in Victorian style.
  • Realistic visual effects – photorealistic visual effects.
  • Excellent lighting – properly selected lighting creates an atmosphere of horror.
  • High-quality sounds – well-chosen and high-quality audio signals, as well as a soundtrack that fills the atmosphere of the game.
  • High-quality shaders.
  • High-quality animations – recorded using the Motion capture system.

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