Senin, 21 Oktober 2019

Vugluskr Zombie Rampage-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Bad.Games.OK
Publisher: Bad.Games.OK
Release Name: Vugluskr.Zombie.Rampage-PLAZA


Release Description: When SWAT meets zombies in Sanctuary environments. Indie game – it’s not always just pixel art. Zombie shooter game – it’s not always an urban environment shooting gallery. Storyline – it does not always a product of AAA studio.

  • Fight against zombies, spider mutants & evil soldiers.
  • Use different automatic rifles or frag grenades to defeat enemies.
  • 9 fantastic medieval levels day and night time.
  • Collect crystals to activate ZIP lines.
  • Travel at ZIP lines to hidden level areas.
  • Open treasure chests to collect keys.
  • Find and open an exit from the level.
  • Interact with other SWAT members.
  • Read diaries and reveal the root cause of infection.
  • Enjoy unreal engine powered 3d graphic: 2K textures, lights & shadows, visual and sound effects.
  • Have fun.

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