Senin, 21 Oktober 2019

Venandi In Silva-TiNYiSO

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Naie.Sorachi
Publisher: Naie.Sorachi
Release Name: Venandi.In.Silva-TiNYiSO


Release Description:
This game is a game to hunt animals in the forest. Aim for a high score by hunting more animals. Enjoy this random game.

The maximum game time is 30 minutes.Saved data is only carried over by scores.
It’s a game that you can feel free to start & play as many times as you want.
It’s relatively easy.Would ilke to recommend it to those who are not good at FPS.
But, there are some powerful rare animals, so I want veteran gamers to hunt them.
The main character has a shotgun or hunting rifle at the start of the game.Which will be decided at random.
It can be changed on the way by satisfying the conditions, and there can be modified and strengthened.
Multiple animals & rare animals, & Special drum cans.There are 51 Special drum cans. Find all & shoot!
Rare animals appear random at 5 %.
Let’s try if you’re lucky or bad.
The main character has a certain amount of money at the start of the game.This is also determined randomly.
This will not increase, but will decrease.
Each time you spend money, your score increases.
Let’s use more & more because it’s a game!
The main character wears some clothes.Of course it is random at the start of the game.
What is today’s clothes?
Anyway, this game is easy to follow along the course or walk around freely.
If you approach it quietly, you can see the animals by the side.
By the way, BEARS appears.
Game Controller can’t use.
There is a FREE trial version so please try it.

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