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SpellForce 3 Soul Harvest Oktoberfest-CODEX

Genre: RPG, Strategy
Developer: Grimlore Games
Publisher: THQ Nordic

Release Name: SpellForce.3.Soul.Harvest.Oktoberfest-CODEX


Release Description: One crisp fall morning, General Aerev received an urgent letter from Queen Ayelith herself. It reads as follows:
General, Reports have informed us of a barbaric ceremony taking place in the distant land of Bavaria: the „Oktoberfest.“
While no one knows the exact nature of the dark transgressions there, scouts report blasphemy and debauchery of unparalleled dimensions. Intoxicated by excessive amounts of alcohol and hypnotized by unholy tunes called “Blasmusik,” the Oktoberfest is said to break even the most virtuous spirits—prompting men and women alike to break into salacious dance and mindlessly roar along to music of questionable taste.
For the sake of morality and all that’s good and holy, Your Queen commands you to foray into Bavaria, seize control of the ceremonial grounds, and put an end to this debauchery. A specialized general from Bavaria with knowledge of native battle tactics shall aid you in your endeavors.
  • A new skirmish map, “Battle for the Theresa’s Meadow,” set in the fabled land of Bavaria, known for its lush meadows, cantankerous peasants, and luscious liquors: stand your ground against a friend and battle for dominion over the legendary Oktoberfest grounds
  • New Human multiplayer-hero Alois Bierdimpl (playable only on the event map), a Bavarian brew master with two new skill trees guaranteed to raise your spirits
  • New Bavarian outpost commander voice-over, which can also be used in regular skirmish matches (German voices only)
  • New Oktoberfest-themed music

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