Selasa, 08 Oktober 2019

Road Homeward 4 Last Step-SKIDROW

Genre: Adventure
Developer: OFF1C1AL
Publisher: OFF1C1AL

Release Name: Road.Homeward.4.Last.Step-SKIDROW


Release Description:
ROAD HOMEWARD 4: last step-this is an adventure in which you got home, but in order for you to finally finish your way home, you still need to fly in your helicopter to the command, in order to apply for retirement. It would seem that it may be easier to fly a helicopter, but your helicopter is faulty, so you need to fly very low, flying around all the obstacles in the way, and finding the right way. Your path will not be easy, through forests, desert, etc. You can feel like a helicopter pilot, visit a lot of interesting places, explore locations, as well as, if you get tired of flying, you can always land the helicopter on the ground and relax a little.
  • Control of the helicopter
  • Background music matched the location
  • Voice support-voice acting of the main character, the transfer of his emotions.

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