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Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Connor Sherlock, Cameron Kunzelman
Publisher: Connor Sherlock

Release Name: Marginalia-DARKSiDERS


Release Description:
“The porter drew a map for me on the back of a brochure. In smudged pencil he showed me where to turn from the main road onto a dirt road and then where to leave the road entirely. I left the streetlights behind me and traveled into the dark.”
Marginalia is a first-person horror game that transports you to Kestlebrook, a secluded valley where history becomes enmeshed with a strange present. Weeks ago Eric left. Days ago you got a letter telling you to come to him. Now you’re here, but precisely where is here? And better yet, when?
  • Two plotlines that interweave with one another to tell the full story of Kestlebrook.
  • Vast tracts of New England woodland handcrafted by the developers.
  • A story about loss and what a person will do to fix a broken past.
  • No jump scares. Just a slow, creeping dread.
  • Powerful ambient soundtrack.
  • Xbox controller support
  • Like, some mythology and runes, or, y’know, whatever.
  • Forged in the fires of October 2014, and remade from scratch in 2017

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