Selasa, 08 Oktober 2019

Kingdom Of Lies-TiNYiSO

Genre: Action
Developer: Rikako Oryo
Publisher: The Czechoslovakian Secret Police
Release Name: Kingdom.Of.Lies-TiNYiSO


Release Description: After millennia spent chained to the rocks in total darkness, the endtimes cometh, and once again Azazel walks the earth. The Lord Satan beckones you return, you are his one man army, the filth of yesterday still sits upon the throne, the second coming of lies. His grip is even tighter today than when first we slew him. The world is in need of your mercy, any slain by your hand will escape an eternity of torment with the creature.

  • 12 levels of Hotline Miami style gameplay
  • a 3 hour visual novel with 16 endings each branch mutually exclusive to the others with entirely separate narratives for each choice.
  • Dark evil and sadistic
  • Funny and sarcastic edgy green politics
  • 4D Chess : Chess, Go, Shogi, Checkers, Othello, and Other Items, in a 3D GRID instead of a board, or a board, with changeable rulesets,
    without losing a single rule from any of these games. Reduces all component games to TIC TAC TOE in Strategic Depth.
  • An unusual protagonist, AZAZEL, the antichrist, who gets his orders from SATAN, a rotting rat’s head, which grows increasingly decayed as the game progresses.
  • A story structure inspired by Virtues Last Reward, a multifariously structured story, breaking into polar opposites of good and evil depending on player choice.
  • Azazel is neither good or evil, the player determines that.
  • Tenma is neither good or evil, the player determines that.
  • Hikari…. is always evil….
  • Kill or befriend characters, the story changes depending on who you keep alive.
  • Minigames of varying quality sprinkled throughout like hidden candy in every garbage can.
  • Violent, Crazy, and Criminally Insane Storyline, venturing from parody, to satanic psychological horror, to science fiction, and back again.
  • Made by one person, on my own in Unity, including all of the artwork, writing, and coding. [do not expect COD]
  • Beautiful and strange artwork by an amateur.
  • Complete all 20 levels of the game.
  • Complete the human world levels.
  • Recreate modern history from the perspective of demons.
  • 16 planned major endings, and a true ending

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