Selasa, 08 Oktober 2019

Drone Tracks-SKIDROW

Genre: Racing
Developer: Juicy Lab
Publisher: Juicy Lab

Release Name: Drone.Tracks-SKIDROW


Release Description:
Drone Tracks is a Single/Multiplayer Drone Racing Game targeted towards both Gamers with little to no experience in drone flight and drone professional racers.
Drone Tracks offers a variety of features:
  • Single player: Race solo or against a ghost of a past race
  • Multi player: Race against other online or local (LAN) players
  • Track Editor: Easily build your own custom race course in all the racing maps we offer !
  • Workbench/Shop: Buy a variety of parts from the shop to customize your drones the way you like them!
  • Controller Support: We offer support to all controllers recognized by Windows (i.e. Controllers that support Xinput and Direct Input)
  • Replay System: Watch a replay of a previous Single/Multiplayer race, with the ability to see how others coursed through the obstacles!
  • License: Show us your skills! Prove you are worth of flying the skies by completing missions in our License Game Mode!
    (License is being updated. Please note that it is currently in beta!)
  • D.I.Y Drone: This is your chance to build your own drone! D.I.Y drones will be updated soon…..
  • You can control your drone with an XBOX gamepad and drone controller that can be connected via USB!

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