Rabu, 25 September 2019


Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: twrelectronics
Publisher: twrelectronics
Release Name: Chaos-PLAZA


Release Description:You have crash landed on the most intriguing mysterious alien world you have ever seen! Look around, see 10 different alien creatures each with their own unique personalities, red foliage is in abundance and casts real time shadows among the rocky mountainous terrain. Witness the day and night cycle featuring 4 moons and 2 suns, powerful auroras bring the night sky to life while casting real time reflections in the abundance of lakes and streams. Explore remnants from a past intelligent civilization while finding clues that will keep you engulfed within the mysteries behind your crash landing right up until you solve it.
  • 10 custom alien creatures, each with unique personalities
  • 3 different weapons
  • Full story Campaign Mode featuring over 5 hours of gameplay
  • Open World- No loading Screens between levels
  • Opening Cinematic
  • Thermal Vision
  • Player Teleportation Abilities
  • Several hidden clues and notes throughout which provide more immersion into the story

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