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Theater Commander The Coming Wars Modern War Game-DARKZER0

A real-time modern warfare simulatio
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Sand Table Software
Publisher: Sand Table Software
Release Name: Theater.Commander.The.Coming.Wars.Modern.War.Game-DARKZER0


Description: Theater Commander: The Coming Wars is a real-time modern warfare simulation game focusing on campaign and battle level. It features more than a dozen scenarios covering hypothetical conflicts around the globe, from the Sea of Japan to Korean Peninsula, from the Taiwan Strait to the Indian subcontinent, from Sinai Peninsula to East Europe and Crimea. In addition to traditional air and naval warfare, Theater Commander introduces large-scale land battles involving up to thousands of land units for each battle down to company level. You are posted as a joint force commander in command of assigned air, naval and land force consisted of up to half million soldiers to carry out missions such as destroying hostile fleets, landing on enemy territories, crossing borders and seizing control of enemy cities.

  • Each battle map, covering an area of up to 2000km x 2000km, is built on satellite verified terrain data (mountains, hills, plain, river etc), land cover data (forest, grassland, desert etc) and human facility data (road, railway, city, airport etc). The game engine calculates the outcome of engagement based on terrain, unit strength, weaponry and morale, making each battle a real experience.
  • Most of the units involved in the battles, not only aircraft and warships, but also land units, are labelled with true names and equipped with weapons as they serve in their countries, to the best knowledge of Theater Commander developers through years of efforts on data gathering.
  • Theater Commander developers spent great time on making the game easier to play for players not having profound knowledge on modern warfare. For most operations, if desired, players only need to define the routes for the units, leaving tactical manoeuver, weapon selection and other parameters to the AI, just as a theater commander should do.
  • Like other air and naval warfare simulators, the game engine calculates the air and naval engagement based on a variety of parameters including but not limited to directional RCS, supersonic maneuverability, weapons envelope, and electronic technology. Missile attack and interception is calculated at real-time and displayed with smooth animation.
  • Theater Commander supports sophisticated military actions, such as airborne attack, helicopter assault and amphibious mission. Short-range ballistic missile, long-range cruise missile launch and interception are also included.

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