Rabu, 28 Agustus 2019


Genre: Casual, Indie
Developer: WOWWOW
Publisher: WOWWOW


Release Description:
TAG WAR is a team-based multiplayer VR game which is about “Scanner and Barcode”.
Player using VR controller to control the scanner in game.
Scanning the barcode on item to get it, and scan the barcode on enemy to defeat him.
Whenever you scan a barcode a payment will add to your team’s bill.
When a match is over the team with higher expenses win.
All about Fun
This is a VR game that wish you to have fun with your friends.
You must be tired of a bunch of zombie games. Right?
TAG WAR is a VR game just simple, silly but fun.

Get Closer
With the 50cm limit range of the scanner. We want to bring players closer.
Just like playing tag in your childhood. Closer always mean more exciting.
Be Creative with Customization
Different Skin – Paint your body whatever you like in VR. You can be everyone.
Different Look – Use emoticon to express yourself. Be happy, sad or even fxck face “literally”.
Different Gameplay – Change the position of your barcode. Which will change your gameplay style completely.

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