Senin, 12 Agustus 2019

Retro Rockets-CODEX

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Emissive Games
Publisher: Emissive Games
Release Name: Armor.Clash.3-CODEX


Description: Retro Rockets is a 3 vs 1 action survival game in space! Work together as one of the Retronauts and try to survive while re-activating the security system or play as murderous Destructo and hunt down the Retronauts one by one. Action survival gameplay with a touch of retro!

  • Teamwork is key
    Retronaut players will have to work together to complete their objectives. Watch each other’s back and make good use of the gadgets that can be found throughout the level. A Retronaut left alone is a Retronaut with a slim chance of survival.
  • Stay in the game
    In Retro Rockets you get to keep playing if you were killed by Destructo. Killed Retronaut players will return as the mighty Securobot and will be able to take on Destructo! Causing Destructo having to adapt and change playstyle.
  • Head-on or Ambush
    Playing as Destructo you will have to adapt to the situation. After having killed your first Retronaut you will have to start worrying about Securobots. Be sure to lay the perfect ambush and kill a Retronaut without the Securobots even knowing of it.
  • Gadgets, your tools for success
    Throughout the levels, Retronaut players can find a variety of gadgets and weapons. Rarely will you be able to take Destructo head-on. However, using these gadgets wisely will help you in fending Destructo off and surviving a little bit longer.
  • Together or alone
    You can play together with friends through the lobby system or take on strangers via matchmaking. Besides that, you can also explore the maps and improve your skills playing offline against computer-controlled opponents.

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