Kamis, 15 Agustus 2019


Genre: Indie
Developer: Twenty Dolz Production
Publisher: Twenty Dolz Production
Release Name: Psychose-HOODLUM


Release Description:
Psychose is an indie horror game, focused on the psychological horror.
Survive and complete the objectives to escape you.

After a accident that cost the life of his girl, John lost all contact with reality.
He must find a way to escape from here before going crazy, unless he is already.
Try the experience Psychose, escape from this school in which you play John.
Sneak around to complete puzzles without getting caught, paid attention to the noises, to the lights.
Settings menu will be available to adjust certain parameters such as controls or the graphics.
It is strongly recommended to play with the defaults parameters to enjoy a better gaming experience.
We also recommend playing with a headphones and to turn off the lights of the room whe

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