Senin, 19 Agustus 2019

Lichtspeer Double Speer Edition-DARKZER0

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Lichthund
Publisher: Crunching Koalas, Lichthund

Release Name: Lichtspeer.Double.Speer.Edition-DARKZER0


Release Description:
LICHTSPEER is an action arcade lightspear-throwing simulator based in an Ancient Germanic Future. Get ready for a brutal, stylish and psychedelic adventure in the lands of techno-vikings and lasers. Co-op mode for 2 players included!
The mighty Lichtgods need a champion to fight for their amusement – they chose YOU. Armed with the powerful Lichtspeer you must embark on a vicious one way journey.
With precision and skill dispatch Wurst Zombies, Penguin Vikings, Hipster Ice Giants, flying Pegahunds, treacherous Warlocks, Evil Spacedwarfs, Penguins in boats, interplanetary Space DJ’s, FISH and more!
Fight and die in many wunderbar locations such as: the Wildwoods of Wurstland, the Techno Piramids of Egyptonia or the faster than licht interplanetary Disco Express!
Earn favor of the Lichtgods in the form of LSD (Licht Standard Denomination) and expand your arsenal with mighty powers of Licht!

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