Selasa, 30 Juli 2019

To Battle Hells Crusade-SKIDROW

Genre: Strategy
Developer: Filthy Peasant Games
Publisher: Filthy Peasant Games
Release Name: To.Battle.Hells.Crusade-SKIDROW


Description: A Foul Fog has risen, turning Unwashed Sinners Poxy, and Lo! an Army of Demon’s doth March in Evil Crusade! Take the Cross and Raiseth a Holy Army. March across festering marshlands, liberate besieged villagers, brave evil forest, and fight tooth-and-nail in treacherous ravines.

Gather peasants and forge them into veteran fighters. Liberate towns to gather more skilled fighters and equipment. But an army requires resources, and resources are scarce. Will you keep supplies at the ready to replenish your soldiers in mid-battle? Or outfit extra fighters before the action?

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