Senin, 15 Juli 2019

Blood Bowl Death Zone-SKIDROW

Genre: Sports, Strategy
Developer: Cyanide Studio
Publisher: Bigben Interactive

Release Name: Blood.Bowl.Death.Zone-SKIDROW


Description: Discover the Death Zone challenge, the most popular pre-game show in the history of Blood Bowl! Sponsored by ever popular brands such as Orcidas, Mc Murtys and Spike Magazine, the Death Zone challenge sees two Star Players of Blood Bowl fame leading teams of amateurs onto the pitch for some bone crushing four-a-side football!

Blood Bowl: Death Zone is a competitive 1 vs. 1 game of football, violence and mayhem. You have full command of your players, move them around the pitch, activate their skills and special moves, and trigger passes and dashes in order to evade the opponents and to score TOUCHDOWNS. Each match lasts only 5 minutes and will put your skills and nerves to the test. You’re in total control… can you lead your players to the victory?

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