Senin, 15 Juli 2019


Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Hype ProductionZ
Publisher: Hype ProductionZ

Release Name: ASTRAL-RAZOR


Description: The future came. You’d think that means the apex of the progress and science, but no. After the epidemic spread all over the world in 2022, 95% of the whole population mutated into horrible creatures without any moral values or humanity and started hunting everything that moves. The planet became empty.

You’re a young boy who woke up in the depths of a military laboratory. You were a test subject for a vaccine and managed to survive. And now you have the immunity to the epidemic, which must be shared with everyone left alive on Earth. You’ve found a device that allows you to contol the conscience of these monsters, and you need to get to the bunker with the survivors inside to save the mankind from inevitable death. This is the future right around the corner.

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