Kamis, 13 Juni 2019

Tridents Wake-RELOADED

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer:  Bacus Studios
Publisher:  Graffiti Games
Release Name: Tridents.Wake-RELOADED


Description: As an ECHO – a digital entity representing a human’s consciousness – you can transfer yourself into a Sentinel, a mechanized chassis built specifically for this purpose. Manufactured by various companies, each has been built to fulfill a different role on the battlefield.

Will you take the enemy head-on with a Moskva, deploying a barrier that allows your allies to take some cover? Or perhaps you’d prefer the nimble Mogami that can dash behind enemy lines, deliver a deadly spread of super-heated projectiles, and dash back to safety? Choose wisely and co-operate with your team, and humanity may still have a chance to start anew.

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