Jumat, 14 Juni 2019

Pathfinder Kingmaker Beneath the Stolen Lands-CODEX

Genre: RPG
Developer: Owlcat Games
Publisher: Deep Silver
Franchise: Pathfinder
Release Name: Pathfinder.Kingmaker.Beneath.the.Stolen.Lands-CODEX


Description: Enter a massive dungeon with a party made from scratch. Begin your adventure to the Tenebrous Depths with a party of newly created characters. Start the game from the main menu and experience the descent into an endless rogue-like dungeon.
Explore the near-infinite possibilities of building a Pathfinder character. Try out different builds to perfect your tactics at your leisure. Create a band of adventurers able to overcome any danger!
Defeat is but a new beginning! Dying in an encounter enables additional benefits for your next playthrough.

Unlock new items to buy across multiple playthoughs. The number of item slots nearby traders have depends on how far you have been able to descend during all of your previous forays combined.
…or enter the dungeon as your main character. Alternatively, you can wait for an invitation from a mysterious protector of Golarion as you play through the Main Story. The preset version of the dungeon is included into the main campaign, allowing you to use your character and companions to conquer the Tenebrous Depths.

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