Minggu, 30 Juni 2019

Gravity Vector-SKIDROW

Genre: Action, Casual, Simulation
Developer: POLIEXA Entertainment
Publisher: POLIEXA Entertainment
Release Name: Gravity.Vector-SKIDROW


Description: Gravity Vector is a challenging game where the player’s main objective is to reach a wormhole aboard a capsule, while facing different obstacles such as planets’ gravitational pull, hostile entities, asteroids and more.
Gravity Vector is a game simple to understand, but hard to master.
While upgrading your capsule by adding modules may result in a more powerful vehicle, you’ll also end up adding more mass.
In physics, this translates in gaining more momentum, linear and angular.
If you add a larger fuel tank, it may give you more thrusting time but it will also make its inertial velocity more difficult to contrast.
There will be secret levels to be discovered and features to be unlocked.

Here are the basic aspects of gameplay you’ll have to deal with:
  • Take a look at the level overview map in order to choose the best course of action.
  • Point the direction and set the initial velocity of the capsule launcher
  • Avoid different dangers such as planets’ gravity, asteroid fields and other hostile entities, all while keeping the initial planned trajectory in account.
  • Use gravitation of planets to perform a gravity slingshot.
  • Collect goodies around the level and discover secrets that could unlock new features such as new levels and upgrades for your capsule.
  • Reach the Wormhole
  • Get in-game currency (NOT real money) as reward to get upgrades for your capsule such as thrusters, shields, guns, paint jobs and more.

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