Senin, 24 Juni 2019

Citizens of Space-CODEX

Genre: RPG
Developer: Eden Industries
Publisher: SEGA
Release Name: Citizens.of.Space-CODEX


Description: Representatives of the Galactic Federation, thank you for having me here tonight to celebrate Earth’s acceptance into this noble organization! It is an absolute honor to act as the Ambassador of Earth, a most honorable role, and… what’s that? Earth is… missing!? And it’s up to me to find the missing pieces? And I can recruit citizens of space to do battle for me?

Well then, you’ve got the perfect human for the job! In fact, I was voted second Most-Likely-to-Solve-an-Intergalactic-Mystery in the third grade. I vow, that I will act in all of my power, as the honorable Ambassador of Earth, to put Earth back together and find out who’s responsible! The citizens of Earth are depending on me!

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