Senin, 13 Mei 2019

Ultrawings Flat-SKIDROW

Genre: Adventure, Simulation
Developer: Bit Planet Games, LLC
Publisher: Bit Planet Games, LLC
Release Name: Ultrawings.Flat-SKIDROW


Description: Ultrawings FLAT is the non-VR version of the popular flight game where you pilot multiple aircraft to complete a variety of missions across an island-themed world.
This is the version of the game for those that either A) have weak stomachs or B) do not have VR.

  • Pilot 4 distinct aircraft using your preferred controls (gamepad, mouse and keyboard, HOTAS).
  • Soar around 4 unique, beautifully stylized islands!
  • Earn money to buy new airports and new aircraft!
  • Lots of gameplay variety! Pop balloons, snap photos, race, perform spot landings, fly through score rings, and more! Ultrawings is the ultimate hobbyist flight game!
  • The world feels alive! Soar by flocks of seagulls, buzz other planes, and even fly by boats and cars!
  • Full English voice-overs guide you through the game!
  • NEW! External chase cameras help spatial awareness while you are flying!

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