Senin, 20 Mei 2019


Genre: Action, Casual, Racing
Developer: NEOWIZ
Publisher: NEOWIZ



Description: Check 82 tracks from TAPSONIC and DJMAX Series as well as STEAM’s original new tracks. We will update new contents and new tracks in the future.
Currently, the game is based on SOLO PLAY, but we give out 4 difficulties for each tracks, and other than the consecutive course that we give out basically, user can set their own course of tracks and difficulties and play on. We call that MASH-UP. We also added RANKING SYSTEM using Steam’s LEADER BOARD. It’s basically the sum-up of scores of the track’s each difficulties. With MASH-UP, you can also be on LEADER BOARD for the full course (how many it may be). We are also planning for users to create their own MASH-UP and put it on the RANKING as well.

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