Senin, 20 Mei 2019

Talisman Origins-DARKSiDERS

Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
Developer: Nomad Games
Publisher: Asmodee Digital

Release Name: Talisman.Origins-DARKSiDERS


This new adaptation of the Talisman board game focuses on solo play as you adventure through many epic quests using the full rule-set of the Revised 4th Edition.
Experience the origins of historic events in the world of Talisman, such as the creation of the Crown of Command, the return of the dragons, the Ifrit war and the rise of the guilds.
  • Exciting stories set in the Talisman world
  • 20 quests spread across 4 campaigns covering many dramatic events
  • 100 Challenges to be completed
  • Detailed interactive tutorial
  • Achievements track your progress through the stories

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