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Secrets of War-SKIDROW

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Developer: DYSTANT Games
Publisher: DYSTANT Games
Release Name: Secrets.of.War-SKIDROW


Release Description:
Secrets of War is a top-down shooter with stealth elements set in World War II. Sneak through the nazi controlled towns and areas silently or in disguise, taking enemies one by one, or go all out and shoot your way to the mission objective. The campaign missions have co-op modes in split-screen.
Story overview
It is 1943. In an attempt to turn the tides of war, the germans are developing a secret weapon, known as the Phoenix project. Your mission is to infiltrate their facilities and learn more about the project, what it is about and how to ultimately destroy it before it does any real damage.
Mission types
There are two mission types that can be seen in the campaign missions: Low profile and Termination.
Low profile missions advise you to be stealthy and complete your objectives without being seen. Sneaking through camp and disposing of enemies silently is preferable.
Termination missions give you complete freedom on how you approach the objective. You are free to be stealthy or simply go in and shoot everything on site.

Apart from shooting people, there are different things you can do:
  • stealth mechanics, sneak around and avoid being seen or heard
  • drag dead bodies to hide them from enemy sight. If an enemy sees a dead body he will alert nearby enemies
  • find notes to learn more about the area and unlock optional missions
  • find disguises that can be equipped and used. While disguised, enemies will not recognize you as a threat unless you come too close.
  • collect hidden wine bottles hidden in each mission.
  • find keys and unlock doors to better approach a mission or to simply rescue a hostage.

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