Senin, 13 Mei 2019


Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: 名字还没想好
Publisher: 名字还没想好
Release Name: Rsin-TiNYiSO


Description: R_sin is a third-person single-player adventure horror game that combines shooting elements with horror elements. There are many horror scenes and suspense in the game and it alsohave some weird plot. (it doesn’t feel scary at all.) Any place can be dangerous, by collecting weapons to kill monsters to advance the process of the game. Monsters are divided into three levels, with different levels of difficulty. The higher the level, the harder it is to kill monsters. Remember, always check your back.

A phone call woke me up from a dreamy sleep and told me to go downstairs for takeout, and I knew I wasn’t ordering takeout… The induction light outside the door lit up, it will light up when someone passing by, but this light has not been turn off…
This is the first time I made a game. I didn’t have much was very rough..Part of the game material comes from the Unreal Market.

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