Senin, 27 Mei 2019

Risky Wings-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Racing
Developer: FireVector
Publisher: FireVector
Release Name: Risky.Wings-PLAZA


Description: Levels are procedurally generated, so they’re never exactly the same. Memorizing won’t help (much), you need to learn to react to situation at hand and make best choice, really fast. A single mistake (probably) won’t kill you, but two mistakes in the row will be fatal.

Chose how competitive or meditative your flight will be:
  • arcade — find all required rune-keys to unlock portal to the next world
  • challenge — play single world for highest score combo-chain (ranked on leaderboard)
  • dark flight — survive to the end in (almost) complete darkness (ranked on leaderboard)
  • zone — never-ending zone where only way to restore energy is to score points (ranked on
  • zen — no scoring, no damage, just flight of fun and relaxation

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