Senin, 27 Mei 2019


Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: JIGUANGGamestudio
Publisher: JIGUANGGamestudio


Description: This is a horizontal version of the jump game, the game temporarily has 14 levels for players to play.Players will manipulate a custom western character to play in a 3D horizontal version of the game.In addition to this, I’ve provided a beta version of third-person survival mode, in which the player will play a distressed cowboy in a small town to achieve their own efforts to live a comfortable life.

Horizontal mode gameplay:
Horizontal mode players will use the keyboard on the W,A,S,D and space to operate, each level players need to use accurate erlian to achieve the game’s clearance, players have infinite will, so that you can find A better way to pass the level.
Third person mode:
In the third person survival mode of this test, you can have physical strength, expectation, hunger, hunger and money to have a better game experience in this world. I will make this world more complete in the following updates.
Game background:
The background of the game comes from the cowboy in the western United States as the original title. The overall style of the game is composed of the low-plane model. In the survival mode, the world has a dynamic day and night system, which makes the players feel more excited!

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