Senin, 27 Mei 2019

Dark Blood-DARKZER0

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Vany
Publisher: Valkyrie Games
Release Name: Dark.Blood-DARKZER0


Description: The invasion of the demon legion has reached the Anastasia lands. Along with fire and cruelty, they destroyed the whole village of Valentina. Athanas, a knight of Valentina returned to rescue the people. But with the terrible power of the demon legion he couldn’t fight back and had to witness the death of his wife, Harley. He witnessed Harley being burned down under the fire of the devil and in him now there was only revenge.

  • Having a evasion system can make players immortal with attacks
  • Having a healing system and reduced incoming damage
  • Battle system with attractive skills
  • Having obstacles that can kill players with just one touch
  • High difficulty
  • Great Soundtrack
  • High quality pixel graphics

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