Senin, 08 April 2019

Im on Observation Duty-TiNYiSO

Genre: Indie
Developer: Zaster
Publisher: Zaster
Release Name: Im.on.Observation.Duty-TiNYiSO


Description: I’m on observation duty is a short horror game where your job is to monitor live surveillance camera footage and spot anomalies in the monitored rooms. Anomalies range from furniture movement to otherworldly intruders. When you spot an anomaly all you have to do is file an anomaly report describing the type and location of the anomaly. Simple, right? You will need sharp eyes and good memory to survive the entire night. Are you up for the task? Maybe you’ll even discover some secrets along the way. Have fun!

I’m on Observation duty was first published on 14th of December 2018. The game gained very positive reviews and enjoyed success especially among the good people of South Korea. This new and improved version of the game has a whole new level added to it.

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