Minggu, 10 Maret 2019

The Abbey Directors Cut-PLAZA

Genre: Adventure
Developer: Alcachofa Soft
Publisher: Erbe Software
Release Name: The.Abbey.Directors.Cut-PLAZA


Release Description:
Leonardo de Toledo, a former adviser to the Emperor, visit an old abbey in a desolate rocky mountain.
His wisdom gives the abbot the opportunity to discover what lies behind the strange death of the brother gate-keeper and certain supernatural events that ocurred in the library.

  • Visual improvements and changes: polished backgrounds, new characters, special effects, etc…
  • New scenes and several new puzzles and footage.
  • A new and spectacular final puzzle.
  • Shortcut icon to the map.
  • Double-clicking increases the speed of the main character movement.
  • New additional voice-over for the new scenes.
  • Revised playability, so that you can play in any order and choosing one path or another.
  • Scoring system for each solved puzzle. In the style of RPGs, each clue you discover opens new options. At the end of the game you obtain a percentage of the discovered content. If you complete 100%, an extra scene is showed. The puzzles you solve affects the development of the story.
  • Improved lip synching.
  • Modified conversations for a boost to the pace of the game.
  • New mix of music and sound. Some extra tracks added.
  • Optimized engine.
  • Windows 7 and 10 compatible.

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