Minggu, 10 Maret 2019


Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Matanga Games
Publisher: Matanga Games
Release Name: Matanga-PLAZA


Description: Not all friends returned after a night forest disco? The fat is in the fire! After all, the inhabitant of these places – Matanga, is always glad to new guests in his den!
Want to test your ability to survive in dark, gloomy locations with elements of quests, with a crazy local aborigine who wants to eat you? Fear! This game is a real test of your body to stressful life situations. You have to shine with intelligence and unravel the tangle of horrific acts of a maniac!

In the game you will be presented:
– Ominous forest in which you need to grab hold of any evidence left by Matanga during the commission of his last crime;
– Labyrinths, specially for claustrophobes, aimed at creating the most intense situation during the pursuit of a maniac;
– And of course, Matanga – the embodiment of horror and fear!
Compete with your friends in the speed of passing game quests, see their results and unlock achievements! The plot of the game just will not leave you indifferent and turn your idea of ​​predictability upside down.

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