Senin, 11 Februari 2019


Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: MJ Lovegrove
Publisher: Screen 7
Release Name: Mr.Maze-PLAZA


Description: Mr. Maze is a budget price first-person adventure story by Mark J. Lovegrove, for Screen 7.
Penny Porter loves mazes!
But the fun and thrill of solving them at a local attraction is soon cut short when the mysterious Maze Meister appears and captures her into a strange land…
Without hesitation, her father Peter steps into the mysterious realm and must solve a number of mazes and challenges in order to rescue her!
Who is the Maze Meister? What is this place he dwells in? And why has he captured Penny?

  • 10+ mazes of varying difficulty to beat, lots of characters to meet
  • A light-hearted single-player fantasy short story by MJ Lovegrove
  • Engaging music, English voice acting and subtitles
  • Achievements, additional puzzles and secrets

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