Minggu, 24 Februari 2019

Lost City of Vampires-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: WRF Studios
Publisher: WRF Studios
Release Name: Lost.City.of.Vampires-PLAZA


Release Description:
Beyond the mist and fog lies a Lost City of Vampires… an ungoverned region where the dark city’s borders are shrouded from the sun’s deadly rays using black storms, allowing an undead battle to wage during both night and day. Sent by the council to hunt the lost city factions, you must destroy the entire bloodline and put an end to this unsanctioned blood war by becoming the last vampire standing in this single player shooter challenge. (Not Exactly, but Similar to a Battle Royale)
Dawn approaches soon… as a black storm begins to form in the distance over the last 100 Vampires of a thousand year old bloodline. Armed with UV rounds and shielded by the light, a blood war continues between the rival clans in the lost city. However, today the members are not alone in their factions, as today, one of the council’s best hunters was sent to end the battle.
Spawn into a large world with 100 other vampires where your only goal is to destroy or be destroyed. Become the last vampire still standing to win.

  • Fast and Challenging Single-Player “Last-Man-Standing” Match Style Gameplay
  • Set In A Dark World Filled With Mystery and Secrets
  • Interesting and Creepy Characters That Can Help You
  • Multiple Areas (With Some Randomly Procedurally Created, Allowing for Infinite Replay)

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