Senin, 04 Februari 2019

Bloody Trapland 2 Curiosity-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: 2Play, Prasius
Publisher: 2Play
Release Name: Bloody.Trapland.2.Curiosity-PLAZA


Release Description:
The adventurers are back!
Join Jack, Henry, Jazzy and Blanky as they explore the Traplands.
Sail between the mysterious islands and solve the puzzles of the ancients.
Will you be able to uncover all the secrets in this one of a kind adventure??

Take on an adventure like no other
  • Travel through the dangerous world of Bloody Trapland.
  • Find secrets, unlock rewards, solve puzzles and unravel the plot.
  • Go at it alone, or play with others. This game is made with both heavily in mind.
  • A true challenge that won’t hold your hand, do you have what it takes?
Join up with other Traplanders
  • Local on the same screen, supports both keyboard and controller.
  • Couch Play, supports Steam link.
  • Online with dedicated servers, no setup needed.
  • Combine local and online play.
  • Browse public games and join other Traplanders.
Create, Share & Play
  • Powerful in game editor, all the tools we had making this game is at your disposal
  • Edit and play any level from the game on your own, or create new once from scratch.
  • Put together your very own adventure and have others play it in the challenge mode.
  • Create any arcade style levels that you can think off, your imagination is the limit.

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