Minggu, 17 Februari 2019

Bloody Mary Forgotten Curse-PLAZA

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Fargamer Studios
Publisher: Fargamer Studios
Release Name: Bloody.Mary.Forgotten.Curse-PLAZA

1 dvd

Description: What was supposed to be a game turns into a nightmare when you wake up in a dark, cold cave with nothing but your wits and will to outsmart, outrun and survive… something … that’s watching your every move.
Can you escape from Bloody Mary?
Escape a relentless predator steeped in legend. Learn the secrets of Mary’s realm. Discover the untold mystery. Explore a vast island lost in time. Evade supernatural enemies with stealth and wit. Do whatever it takes to survive.
Explore caves, lagoons, villages, tombs and more. Find artifacts of the past to piece together the history of the realm. Escape your demented pursuer in an untold mystery that only the keenest player will unravel and escape before meeting their end.

  • A massive playable area with explorable locations
  • An untold mystery the player must solve to escape
  • A learning, adaptive AI that stalks the player across the map

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