Senin, 17 Desember 2018

Renowned Explorers Quest For The Holy Grail-PLAZA

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Developer: Abbey Games
Publisher: Abbey Games
Release Name: Renowned.Explorers.Quest.For.The.Holy.Grail-PLAZA


Description: We are also preparing a special Community Challenge, where you will be guided on a classic whip-wielding adventure! Make sure to participate in this one, because we will be raffling five copies of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and five copies of The Curious Expedition between the participants!

  • Endless New Adventures – Explore the far corners of fictitious 19th century world in procedurally generated expeditions to Egypt, the Caribbean and much more.
  • Compose your Crew – Choose 3 experts out of 20. Fighters are Aggressive but Speakers can solve tactical conflicts with Speech actions.
  • Personality = Gameplay – Each conflict can be solved in different ways, depending on your crew’s personality and strategy. ‘Mood’ is one of the most important gameplay elements.
  • Fight them with Melee, Ranged and Area of Effect attacks,
  • win them over using Cheers, Charms and Compliments,
  • or scare them away by Insults, Taunts and Humiliation
  • Optimize your Economy – Collect Insight, Research, Gold and Status on your expeditions. Use them to build economy and support for your next expedition.
  • Vivid Stories – Find more than a hundred treasures in hundreds of visual events that adapt to the characters and have multiple outcomes.
  • Build a reputation – Become a Diplomat, Aggressor or Manipulator. Go for Science, Wealth or Status. Fame is your goal, but the way there is entirely up to you.
  • Permadeath? – In Adventure mode you cannot load after failure. Discovery mode lets you reload. Choose difficulties from Easy through Impossible to customize the challenge.

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