Selasa, 30 Oktober 2018

The Horologists Legacy-SKIDROW

Genre: Indie
Developer: Cole and Jordan Studios
Publisher: Cole and Jordan Studios
Release Name: The.Horologists.Legacy-SKIDROW


Description: The Horologist’s Legacy is a deep dive into the absurd to find your mysterious past in this indie first-person psychological horror experience that rips the floor out from under you and takes your mind places you’ve never brought it before.

  • Strongly narrative driven gameplay
  • Simple yet intriguing puzzles
  • Encounters with creatures from another universe
  • Slow and contemplative pacing
  • And sometimes fast and exciting pacing
  • Surprises and horror
  • Dark, absurd, and often beautiful environments and atmosphere
  • Fully voice acted cast
  • Creepy, moody, and vibrant music and audio design

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