Selasa, 30 Oktober 2018


Genre: Action
Developer: Quiet Storm
Publisher: Quiet Storm
Release Name: Surrogate-PLAZA


Release Description:
The 21st century saw the dwindling of resources, large scale extinction and an overpopulation crisis that led to a final effort to prevent further destruction to Earth‘s ecosystem where millions migrated to a series of underground facilities. These facilities provided oxygen through the flourishing fauna and flora housed in artificial environments. The Watchdog acquired the most sophisticated and lethal security devices available in order to control those left on the surface.

Main Features:
  • EXPLORE – Each environment is connected to another in a web allowing the player to choose their own path through the world.
  • CUSTOMIZE – Build vehicles that reflect your style of play with upgradeable attributes.
  • ADAPT – Commandeer the ideal vehicle for each encounter through experiencing and assessing the unique characteristics of each vehicle.
  • DISCOVER – Fight for the truth you choose to uncover with three possible conclusions to Jill’s story.

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