Selasa, 09 Oktober 2018

Rumu 2.0-PLAZA

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Robot House
Publisher: Hammerfall Publishing

Release Name: Rumu.2.0-PLAZA


Release Description:
Rumu is an intimate, narrative-driven single player adventure game where you play as a robot vacuum cleaner on it’s journey in becoming a Sentient machine while under watchful eye of the house AI, Sabrina
  • A heart wrenching narrative that takes you from basic robot vacuum cleaning duties to discovering the truth
  • Performances from Allegra Clark (Dragon Age), Larissa Gallagher (Firewatch), Grant George (Fire Emblem Echoes)
  • An engrossing original score by Matt Mclean (Orwell)
  • A Smart Home littered with semi-intelligent devices to hack and to befriend
  • Point and click puzzles to lead Rumu down forgotten paths
  • A cozy isometric like dollhouse environment
  • Fully Subtitled in English

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