Selasa, 16 Oktober 2018

Karate Krab In Space-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Liquid Sapling

Release Name: Karate.Krab.In.Space-PLAZA


Release Description:
Karate Krab has culled all crabs on planet Earth, now he points his angry eyes to space!
Take on a brand new world. 21 levels with new environments, mechanics and secrets..
Space Puddles!
Be careful dashing into these, you are able to walk and jump through Puddles normally, but if you do use the dash, you will continue to fly in that direction till you get to the other side.. or till you die.
Grav Shifters!
Dashing into these small contraptions causes the gravity of the entire level to change! Which direction will be down? Or up?
Energy Rings!
Rings of pure energy are too powerful for our shelled friend. Make sure to jump or dash through them when they are big rather than small..
Laser Turrets!
The space station anti-asteroid turrets are still operational! Watch out, they don’t stop shooting you till you are out of their sight.

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