Selasa, 30 Oktober 2018

Dead Climb-PLAZA

Genre: Simulation
Developer: dev4play
Publisher: Fat Dog Games
Release Name: Dead.Climb-PLAZA

 1 DVD

Release Description:
You can also choose from various mountains, character models and climbing modes. In Free Climbing mode you manage your Goo resource, but in Time Attack you have a time limit on top of that. Avoid Danger mode requires you to move sideways to avoid falling boulders. More moves use more Goo. Tactics!

  • Casual mountain climbing… with a corpse!
  • Hilarious use of ragdoll physics.
  • Protein bars? Boring! We’ve got goo bars and mucus power-ups.
  • 3 climbing modes that affect your gameplay style.
  • 3 models of corpse – Classic, Policewoman and Clown.

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