Senin, 17 September 2018


Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: CJH Labs
Publisher: CJH Labs

Release Name: Smogpunk-HOODLUM


Release Description:
The Central Timespace Bureau created the first space-time messenger in 2917 A.D.
The moment it’s turned on, a repeated message flooded the system:
“They triggered the The Great Smog.”
Soon we understand we live in a reality where the Great Smog was delayed for unknown reasons.
Under the collective effort of different realities, the bureau created the “SmogPurge” software, to uplink alternate futures as a means to understand the Great Smog.
Pieces of source code were lost in hyperspace transmission, and ended up centuries earlier where bio-engineered dragons and self-conscious military robots were still distant dreams.
  • Roguelike Mode
  • 60 handcrafted levels
  • 6 worlds with distinctive bio-atmosphere
  • 7 Heroes with unique skills
  • 20+ different weapon
  • 30+ different enemies
  • Steam leaderboard
  • Steam achievements

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