Senin, 03 September 2018

Fatal Hour Petroleum-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Developer: Thor Gaming
Publisher: Thor Gaming
Release Name: Fatal.Hour.Petroleum-PLAZA


Traveling through the barren wastelands, the engine starts coughing. You manage to make it to what appears to be an abandoned gas station, in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, a member of your group, Mechanic Mike, figures he can fix the engine and get you back on the road. He’s no magician though and will need some time. Time, however, might just prove to be in short supply, since your arrival at the gas station has been registered by what used to be the living residents of the area and the likewise formerly living inmates of the nearby female penitentiary.

Fatal Hour: Petroleum is the first in a series of chapter games that tell the story of a group of people, struggling to survive in the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse. Each chapter is a single-level minigame, played as a separate challenge available at different levels of difficulty. The goal is to achieve the best possible result and survive as long as possible. In the first chapter, the group is stranded at an abandoned gas station, struggling to keep the undead at bay while they repair their transportation.

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