Senin, 06 Agustus 2018

StellarHub 2.0-PLAZA

Genre: Simulation
Developer: Casualogic
Publisher: Casualogic
Release Name: StellarHub.2.0-PLAZA


Release Description:
StellarHub is a starbase management game where your job is to build a safe and functional space station. Deal with the challenges of managing a station crew while taking care of everyone’s needs. Your tasks include construction, extraction of resources, defense, trade, and more.

Assemble modules to build an extensive station
You can choose from a range of 30 different modules (including solar panels, research labs, crew quarters, organic farms, greenhouses and many more) equipped with all kind of facilities to ensure your station stays functional and safe. Every module consumes a certain amount of energy and oxygen and needs time and resources to be assembled so ponder your choices carefully!

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