Senin, 30 Juli 2018


Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Pjural
Publisher: Pjural
Release Name: WAyE-PLAZA


Description: You are typical fisherman with normal life. As usually you pack your things to go fishing. You leave your beloved hut. You pass beautifull beach and ship out. You know exactly what to do. Tired decide to take a nap. However somethink terrible happed and suddenly you found yourself alone at an open ocean. Now everythink you took is really valid.

  • Everything you do has a great significance. Dangerous are everywhere and you are your own rudder, sailor and vessel.
  • Panic is your worst enemy you have to be careful. Wrong decisions may cost your life
  • Even though you probably wouldn’t think so plenty of adventures await you on the sea

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