Minggu, 22 Juli 2018

Touhou Scarlet Curiosity-PLAZA

Genre: Action
Developer: Ankake Spa
Publisher: XSEED Games, Marvelous USA, Inc.
Release Name: Touhou.Scarlet.Curiosity-PLAZA


Release Description:
Infamous vampire Remilia Scarlet has grown weary of her posh, centuries-long life spent with dutiful maid Sakuya Izayoi at her side. So bored, in fact, that when the local newspaper runs a story about a massive monster spotted nearby, she decides she wants a piece of that action! Unfortunately, she returns home from her first foray to find her mansion heavily damaged, with no clues as to who the culprit might be. But this only serves to fan the flames of the vampiric maiden’s interest in what’s going on beyond the walls of her estate, leading her on a grand, chaotic quest for answers…and for revenge.

Key Features:
  • Select Either of Two Playable Characters for Twice the Adventure
  • Use Five Buttons to Carve Out Countless Swaths of Destruction
  • Build Hit Combos for Greater Success in Battle
  • Collect New Equipment to Become a True Powerhouse

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