Senin, 09 Juli 2018

Keiko Everlasting-DARKSiDERS

Genre: Casual, Indie
Developer: Matt Stanton, Unmei No Basho, Kojiasano, Jeff Stanton, Naoko Kabashima
Publisher: Matt Stanton
Release Name: Keiko.Everlasting-DARKSiDERS


Description: This is a linear story about a teenage boy named Keitaro Soseki from Kagoshima, Japan. It is a Slice-of-Life romance novel with lots of comedy as well. It mostly fits into the Iyashikei genre, although there is also a tragic element to the story. There are a lot of characters and all the main ones, of which there are 16 (20 if you include two sets of parents), have voice acting and multiple expressions. It’s not too many characters, however, because half of them are present in the first half of the novel and the other half are present in the second half of the novel.

There are a series of adventures in the first half of the novel with Keitaro and his friends/siblings. The second half of the novel, with the second batch of characters, progresses into a more developed and committed storyline. This “half” is actually more like two-thirds, because it is longer. This part of the story has more depth, however.

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